Welcome to my webpage.

I want to show you the wonderful world of photography through my eyes. I was not aware of where my path would lead me when I started off as a photographer beginning with wedding, portrait and children's photography.

With my development as a photographer, my interest in people with passions and an open approach to their bodies and their sexuality grew. I work sensitively and respectfully. Men, women and couples reveal their most intimate secrets to me and my camera. They live out their sexuality, are eager to experiment and are open to new ideas. It is a great esteem that they trust me and oppose me in their openness.

Nude photography and porn art are demanding areas of photography. It's a narrow line between aesthetics and "cheap." All the more I have the claim to incorporate the view of a woman in the images in this male dominated domain. I think that's exactly what makes the difference in my approach to each photoshoot: The woman's eye.

What lies within you? Who are you? Which sides of yourself haven't you discovered yet? I'm interested in that. And that's what I try to ban in my pictures. Whether in intimate portraits, nude photos or PornArt photography. Just do it.

Love, Ella

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